PUBG-Free Fire game is closed in the country


PubG and Free Fire games on the country's online platforms have been banned after the High Court's directive.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) sent a letter to the concerned on Wednesday (August 25) to instruct the closure.

Boys and girls of rising age are getting addicted by using harmful content like pubg and free fire games. In this, many people are facing financial loss along with mental disaster.

BTRC Vice Chairman Subrata Roy Maitra said, "pubg and free fire have already been stopped on our orders. After we directed the Department of Telecom, they stopped it. The rest of the harmful online platforms will also be decided.”

He said, "The High Court has clear instructions to stop PUBG and Free Fire. And the remaining ones will be reviewed whether they are harmful or not and a decision will be taken."

He said in response to another question, "We are listing the ones that are there like Tiktok, Likey, Bigos and others. We have made a committee to review. We will stop the harmful ones. Those that cannot will be asked to close the institution.”

All Mobile Phone Operators, IIG Operators, ISPs are directed to implement this directive.

According to two officials of Internet Gateway Service Provider IIG and Internet Service Provider ISP, PubG and Free Fire have been stopped in the country after the directive.

They said that such harmful content can be stopped by the government itself. The government has that capability. Government guidelines have been implemented.  

After the preliminary hearing of a writ application on August 16, Justice Md. Mojibur Rahman Mia and Justice Md. Kamrul Hossain Mollar's virtual high court bench ordered immediate closure of all harmful games including PUBG, Free Fire.

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